Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Balancing Act"

"Balancing Act" - 20in x 32in Oil Painting

I am interested in exploring and showcasing the overlooked by embracing and heightening each object's beautiful characteristics through a slow and patient process of painting. I believe that in such fast paced times, where the shock values reign supreme, the fascinating subtlety of the world around us is truly powerful, even though it tends to exist on the peripheries of our senses.

The conflict in this painting arises from the instability of the warped wood work, and the imminent danger created by the white window closing. While the still life is teetering on the edge of naturally warped wood, the centered metal handle of the window signalizes and foreshadows a slightly sadistic human intervention, definite in its purpose. This danger is further emphasized by the three rings which mark the absence of three other objects that were originally in the center of the window sill.

"Wall Paper"

"Wall Paper" - 30 in x 30 in, Oil Painting

Wednesday, September 8, 2010