Friday, August 22, 2008

Dot Transformations (2DD class)

The following 3 videos are animated clips of 3 separate dot transformations. Each transformation consists of an original grid of dots which changes over 4 other stages. All pages were hand measured, drawn, and painted with Ink medium.

Materials: board and black ink
Dimensions: 6in x 6in

Dot Transformation 1 :

Dot Transformation 2:

Dot Transformation 3:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Black Sculpture

An exploration of the color black and its ambiguities.

"Cord" Sculpture

The challenge was to decompose and break down an object and recreate it in another form which could not be traced to its original state. The entire sculpture was the result of a 4 foot electrical cord.

Materials: 4 foot electrical cord, Plexiglas sheets, miniature lights

Dimensions: 8in x 8in x 8in cube

Detail: once the surroundings were dark, the wires created a cast shadow that was constantly moving (due to the fragility of the copper wires on which the black, white and black rubber was suspended on)

A - Z : a system

An accordion exploration of the English alphabet.

I wanted to treat the alphabet as a powerful means of labeling and not as a mere notation device. I researched what the alphabet letters were used to label (social groups and outcasts) starting from the Roman times up to the present 21st century. I tried using accordion book format to reveal the "dark" side of the alphabet and allowing the reader to connect with the text by physically engaging with it. On the front of the book I embossed each letter while on the back, the text and the explanations were only readable if the reader personally touches the page.

Materials: museum board, stretched vinyl, xerox transfer, vellum

Dimension: (closed) 6in x 6in x 5in, (opened) 11 ft

Friday, May 23, 2008

"Three Figures" Installation

In my work, I've been trying to work with the idea of appearances and illusionary facades; I've expanded on this concept further, in which the contrasting qualities are ambiguous at first, but reveal themselves once the viewer engages in the piece.

In this particular installation I wanted to incorporate the viewer directly in my concept of oppositions: where the viewer, once seeing his/her personal reflection in the drawings, becomes highly conscious of his/her appearance and begins 'posing' almost immediately (due to our preconceived notion of our personal appearance). On the other hand, the etched representations of the three sleeping figures show people in their most vulnerable, unposed, unconscious state.

Also, the viewer can only engage in looking at either their personal reflection or the drawings, which allows for a clear distinction and separation of these two opposite states and acts.

Materials: mylar, light box.

Dimensions: 20" x 26" (installation) 4" x 6" (drawings)


Installation Detail: Reflection of viewer in the etched drawings

Installation Detail 2: The environment reflected (another student's piece reflected in the drawings)

Detail 3

Detail 4: Sleeping child.

Detail 5: Passed out man on subway.

Detail 6: Elderly male asleep on the 6 train.

Monday, May 12, 2008

3DD Final Project: Hybrid

I built a "glove" out of wire on my own hand in a classical and elegant gesture; through this process of "beautifying", I was also inflicting physical pain on myself. The process was a long process, which turned into a slow performance where I (as the artist) was consciously hurting my hands which are of dire importance in the creative process and art making. The photographs show a time lapse (beginning from left and ending on the right), where through trying to live with this newly acquired trait and molding it to my body, I developed scratches all over my chest and hand.

More explanation and more documentation coming soon!

Materials: black wire (three different gauges)

Dimension: life size representation of my hand

*zoom in for detailed "lace work"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Left, Right" Collaborative Performance

Parasite and Body extension Installation-Commentary on: parade and collaboration effort

-the project revolves around the act of engaging in a collaborative action, where one is not only aided by his/her partner but is simultaneously hindered, and vice versa. The only connection between the bodies is at the knees (which is the main structure which allows walking), thus making the simple act of Parading (walking) very difficult. Ugla was the directional "leader", but I was the one that pushed her ahead or stopped her; while she could pull me or stop me also. This became a tug of war between two people struggling for control : either in a political, social or personal sense. Also, the knee extensions not only disabled us from walking comfortably but disabled other people close to us from walking; the extension became a barrier blocking me and Ugla from the other people, a barrier distancing Ugla and myself from each other, and a barrier that in the same time was able to forcefully unite us.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Parasite" - Cantilever

"Parasite" - a body extension that despite its cosmetic qualities, eventually hurts the most important part of its host -the spine. (more details as captions)

Materials: metal armature, sewn tissue paper

Dimensions: 7 ft. in length ( bigger than life size)

Ugla wearing the cantaliever

I tried to make the structure reminiscent of the human spine and fit it to the body; while similar, the cantilever becomes a cosmetic adornment, while imitating and exaggerating a trait to the point of danger.

The metal bar and the entire armature (and weight) made the host vulnerable: by pressuring the spine, disallowing movement and disallowing the host from looking up; also, the level of discomfort would increase over time to unbearable.

Detail: sown tissue paper
Thomas trying it on

My 3DD Professor "trying it on"

Window drawing

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Life Drawing: Self-portrait

Materials: charcoal

Dimensions: 22 in x 30 in

Detail 1

Detail 2

Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Carry" Painting

Painting of zoomed in image of Ugla carrying an object. My goal was to create a view finder which would directly invite and make the viewer part of this experience. Also, despite the large scale, the subject matter and circumstances of the figure are unrevealed to the viewer.

Materials: acrylic paint, matte medium, modeling paste, graphite.

Dimensions: 38 in x 50 in