Friday, May 23, 2008

"Three Figures" Installation

In my work, I've been trying to work with the idea of appearances and illusionary facades; I've expanded on this concept further, in which the contrasting qualities are ambiguous at first, but reveal themselves once the viewer engages in the piece.

In this particular installation I wanted to incorporate the viewer directly in my concept of oppositions: where the viewer, once seeing his/her personal reflection in the drawings, becomes highly conscious of his/her appearance and begins 'posing' almost immediately (due to our preconceived notion of our personal appearance). On the other hand, the etched representations of the three sleeping figures show people in their most vulnerable, unposed, unconscious state.

Also, the viewer can only engage in looking at either their personal reflection or the drawings, which allows for a clear distinction and separation of these two opposite states and acts.

Materials: mylar, light box.

Dimensions: 20" x 26" (installation) 4" x 6" (drawings)


Installation Detail: Reflection of viewer in the etched drawings

Installation Detail 2: The environment reflected (another student's piece reflected in the drawings)

Detail 3

Detail 4: Sleeping child.

Detail 5: Passed out man on subway.

Detail 6: Elderly male asleep on the 6 train.

Monday, May 12, 2008

3DD Final Project: Hybrid

I built a "glove" out of wire on my own hand in a classical and elegant gesture; through this process of "beautifying", I was also inflicting physical pain on myself. The process was a long process, which turned into a slow performance where I (as the artist) was consciously hurting my hands which are of dire importance in the creative process and art making. The photographs show a time lapse (beginning from left and ending on the right), where through trying to live with this newly acquired trait and molding it to my body, I developed scratches all over my chest and hand.

More explanation and more documentation coming soon!

Materials: black wire (three different gauges)

Dimension: life size representation of my hand

*zoom in for detailed "lace work"