Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Chair" Installation

Site specific installation of a functioning "chair" on the 2nd floor, in front of the round elevator of Cooper Union. I specifically constructed the chair for the space in front of the elevator where length of the strings and the wood will only fit and function safely in that particular space.

Materials: 2 painted 2x4's, nylon strings

Dimensions: 3 ft wide, 3 ft tall (when compressed)

Me holding mobile chair: easy to carry

Height of the chair: Me holding it upright

Detail of strings.

The chair hanging down: the wood was balanced in weight and length, position, and in the position and number of strings; thus holding the wood up and preventing it from falling down.

Detail of the 2x4 hanging past the hand rail. (Right side)

Detail 2: 2x4 suspended and hanging in air (left side)

Functioning chair: once someone sits in it, the person's weight pulls the strings down and the 2x4's toward each other; but the handrails stop their colliding, thus creating a sturdy and safe chair.

Detail: the hand rails stop the wood from collapsing

Detail 2: the 2x4 on the edge of the handrail

Ugla sitting in the chair

Ugla's own weight is the factor making this chair a functioning chair.

Ugla swinging.

Ugla laying down in the chair: due to the strings, one can sit in several positions.

Specifically placed in front of an elevator and a space that encounters lots of traffic and motion, the chair acts both as a barrier and a place of rest.

Me sitting cross legged in my chair.


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