Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Parasite" - Cantilever

"Parasite" - a body extension that despite its cosmetic qualities, eventually hurts the most important part of its host -the spine. (more details as captions)

Materials: metal armature, sewn tissue paper

Dimensions: 7 ft. in length ( bigger than life size)

Ugla wearing the cantaliever

I tried to make the structure reminiscent of the human spine and fit it to the body; while similar, the cantilever becomes a cosmetic adornment, while imitating and exaggerating a trait to the point of danger.

The metal bar and the entire armature (and weight) made the host vulnerable: by pressuring the spine, disallowing movement and disallowing the host from looking up; also, the level of discomfort would increase over time to unbearable.

Detail: sown tissue paper
Thomas trying it on

My 3DD Professor "trying it on"

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