Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Left, Right" Collaborative Performance

Parasite and Body extension Installation-Commentary on: parade and collaboration effort

-the project revolves around the act of engaging in a collaborative action, where one is not only aided by his/her partner but is simultaneously hindered, and vice versa. The only connection between the bodies is at the knees (which is the main structure which allows walking), thus making the simple act of Parading (walking) very difficult. Ugla was the directional "leader", but I was the one that pushed her ahead or stopped her; while she could pull me or stop me also. This became a tug of war between two people struggling for control : either in a political, social or personal sense. Also, the knee extensions not only disabled us from walking comfortably but disabled other people close to us from walking; the extension became a barrier blocking me and Ugla from the other people, a barrier distancing Ugla and myself from each other, and a barrier that in the same time was able to forcefully unite us.

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